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About us

Our Story is simple: as mothers shopping it seemed that everything was gendered, text, or cartoon laden.  As a result, we design our clothing simply. We believe in beautiful wardrobe staples that can be worn everyday.  Our babes grow up way too fast to keep classic styles tucked away for only special occasions. Dress them up or wear as stand alone pieces for daily use.  


We create baby items that are timeless and simple, statement pieces for every occasion. Our items have a vintage feel but are simple enough to be paired with modern minimalistic looks as well.


Our clothing is ecological meaning that not only is it made responsibly but we want it used responsibly. We are not a fast fashion company and we do not believe or operate based on fast fashion principles. Please use and reuse our products.  Many hours and many hands have lovingly worked to produce these beautiful designs with the highest quality materials. 


Our knits are made of the finest Peruvian fibers, cotton, wool, and baby alpaca. All of our materials are carefully sourced and are 100% natural, no acrylics or additives. Our baby alpaca is softer than wool and is one of the most ecological textiles.  Baby alpaca is not made from the wool of baby alpacas but is a grade of wool softness. The fiber is incredibly gentle on skin and extremely strong, yet lightweight. It contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic, making this perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.


Care Instructions:

Cotton: our cotton knits can be machine washed on cold on a delicate cycle in a delicates bag to avoid snags. we recommend you spot clean and wash when necessary to increase the life of your knits.

Baby alpaca: our baby alpaca must be hand washed in cold water with a gentle soap (baby shampoo) or fine fibers formula. Strong detergent will shock the fibers causing your knits to fray and puff. Spot clean and wash as needed.